The daily turnover in FX options is an estimated U.S. $ 207 billion, but many fundamental facts about this huge and liquid market are generally unknown. This recently published book is unique in offering both a practical guide to option trading alongside a historical look at how options performed in different markets, with a view to help investors and hedgers alike make better and more informed decisions.

FX Option Performance begins with a quick and practical introduction to the FX option market. It provides specific advice about structures, performance, rate fluctuation, and trading strategies and also includes:

• An examination of the historical payoffs for the most popular and liquidly traded options

• A look at which options are overvalued and which are undervalued

• Surprising, generally unpublished facts about emerging markets

• A review of systemic option trading strategies, what works and what doesn’t

Not overly technical, the book is an accessible resource for anyone with an interest in options trading, showing readers where to look for value, and helping corporations hedge their FX exposures.


About the Authors

Jessica James is Co-Head of the FX Quantitative Solutions team at Commerzbank in London.  She joined Commerzbank from Citigroup where she held a number of FX roles, latterly as Global Head of the Quantitative Investor Solutions Group. She is a Managing Editor for the Journal of Quantitative Finance and is a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School.  She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and has been a member of their governing body and of their Industry and Business Board.
Jonathan Fullwood is a director in FX Quantitative Solutions at Commerzbank in London. Since joining Commerzbank in 2002 he has also worked in fixed income research and portfolio strategy roles and was  awarded a CFA® charter in 2007.
Peter Billington is Global Head of FX Options at Commerzbank in London trading a wide range of currencies and FX products.  He joined Commerzbank from Dresdner in 2008 where he was trading Metals (Precious and Base). Prior to this he spent 10 years trading FX Options in various financial centres -  London, New York and Singapore.