The Bull, the Bear and the Baboon

FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way

by Winsor Hoang

Winsor Hoang is the founder and CEO of CTS Forex, a Vancouver-based automated, statistical, risk-managed FX trading system.  Using his statistical and automated system design experience at Nortel Networks, RIM and Sierra Wireless, he began developing automated systematic solutions and, in 2010, after seven years of development, testing and trading his own money, introduced CTS Forex to the market.  Winsor has nearly two decades and more than twenty thousand hours of trading experience. His automated FX trading system continues to produce consistent returns, regardless of market flux. Hoang is a registered professional engineer, and holds a Bachelor of Engineer from the University of Victoria. 

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Seven inexperienced investors attend Harry Dean’s free seminar on foreign-currency trading and are dazzled by his financial success. They enroll in his path-to-riches trading course, unaware that Harry, a former stock broker who lost everything in the dot-com crash, can make more money training than trading. The “gang of seven” rookie traders come from different backgrounds and have different motivations for independence and wealth, but they become united in a pact to share their ideas and experiences and the deceit that befalls upon each of them. In the end, everybody will pay – including Harry.

Foreign exchange trading expert, Winsor Hoang, blends important lessons and guidelines for would-be traders with this fictionalized account of real-events in this hybrid novel/training book. The Bull, the Bear and the Baboon: FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way offers insider views of an industry where regulations are few and questionable practices abundant.  Hoang summarizes each fictional chapter with fact-based solutions—like how to balance risk and reward, why high-wealth clients get priority but smaller clients are the cash cow, how to keep records, why meditation is important, and that expert trading cannot happen in a day or a week, it takes years of practice—to ensure the reader learns from the characters’ mistakes.      

“The Bull, the Bear and the Baboon was conceived because, after others and I once fell for a dishonest trainer’s pitch, I felt compelled to help new traders avoid the scams and pitfalls that are plentiful in the FX world,” says Hoang.  “As the book portrays, many trainers are bad traders, but they are good marketers. They are in it only for the money.  They’re selling dreams of riches and financial freedom, but not a real way of achieving those dreams.”  Hoang continued, “Frauds offering books, software, trading systems and tips are not limited to FX. They’re in every investment market; lessons in my book are applicable to these markets, too.”

The Bull, the Bear and the Baboon is a captivating narrative story in what is a typically non-fiction, educational genre.  Through the emotional and even relatable back stories of Harry’s ‘gang of seven’, readers are offered a voyeuristic look inside the financial markets and all of its insecurities, inconsistencies, risk-reward behavior, and greed.  Audiences are sure to hate some characters and love others. Hoang hopes the fictional accounts supported by real-world situations will create a new thought process for both new and experienced investors.  The Bull, the Bear and the Baboon also covers the following topics:

• Tricks “experts” use to misrepresent their success

• Collusion among experts that boost their images and reputations

• Tactics brokerage firms use to cheat smaller clients

• Why investor greed and fear virtually ensure failure

• Reasons so many FX trading systems fail to produce profits

• The myth of market trends in FX

• Profile and practices of the successful FX trader

• Misinformation and disinformation: how they affect the markets

• Statistical probability and computer automated trading; new ways of profit making  

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