Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game

By Rande Howell

In Mindful Trading: Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game, Rande Howell invites us on a journey into the self in a quest to master one’s emotional state of mind and to re-organize the self for peak performance trading.

The book is structured as a roadmap to the process of self discovery and self examination that one must first embark on, before they can emerge as an empowered, confident trader, capable of mastering the mind and keeping their emotions in check. And while this is easier said than done and it is impossible to fully detach ourselves from our emotions, through development of our Emotional Intelligence, we can learn to manage our emotional state, which ultimately is so crucial for consistent and effective trading results.

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Through insightful vignettes the reader is offered a peek into the minds of unsuccessful and successful traders alike. We are exposed to the rollercoaster of emotions that every trader will recognize they have experienced at one point or another - from fear, anxiety and self-doubt to greed, and impulsiveness. Most readers who have traded with real capital will see a side of themselves and identify with the emotional trials and tribulations described so vividly in the exercises and case studies.