The Forex Trading Manual

The Rules-Based Approach to Making Money Trading Currencies

by Javier Paz

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According to Javier H. Paz, author of The Forex Trading Manual (recently published by Mc Graw Hill), learning to trade forex is as simple as learning to drive a car. Forex trading and driving a car are both risky endeavors. Each requires the ability to manage multiple factors at once, be vigilant of the changing environment, and adapt when necessary. And both activities get much easier with time – if you follow the right set of rules.

In The Forex Trading Manual, the author draws the parallel between driving and trading, illustrating how success in the forex market is simpler to achieve than you think. 

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The key to becoming a proficient trader requires starting the process with the right basic knowledge, adopting sensible expectations, and having precise step-by-step instructions.

The Forex Trading Manual, supplies everything you need to get started. Beginning with important forex terminology, risk management, and basic technical and fundamental analysis, a precise trading plan, and a chapter devoted to trader psychology. You will learn how to master MT4; select trade entry and exit points that have a high probability of turning a profit; set sensible performance targets and trade exposure rules; customize whatever trading strategy you are currently using to fit a robust trading plan; and condition yourself mentally by aligning your habits, thoughts patterns, feelings, and goals to match those of a proficient forex trader.