Simple systems work best

Our R&D team at TradeEmpowered.com consists of traders and collaborators from around the world. Over the last 5 years we have tested hundreds of systems and trading ideas.

The ones that consistently perform the best are also the simplest.

As traders we like to think we do something special. That our system or strategy must be incredibly  complex. Just look at the charts posted on any chat form or community site.

Having 15 indicators, gann waves, fibonacci, and trend lines all over your chart does not improve your chances of making a profit. Quite the opposite.

Know your numbers

Contrary to popular belief it is NOT the system that generates the majority of your profit. It is your position sizing.

Knowing how much to risk, when to scale up and when to scale down are critical to maximizing your returns.

This means testing is essential. You must know some key metrics about your system such as max drawdown, average drawdown, win/loss ratio and maximum favorable excursion.

With this knowledge you can use any number of position sizing techniques to ramp up your returns.

Grind it out

I cannot give you a foolproof plan for getting ridiculously rich. But I can give you one for going broke fast.

A guaranteed way to blow up your account in record time is trading like there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t try to double your account in a week. That’s stupid. There is always a tomorrow. You are going to have losing days, losing weeks and yes, losing months.

Mike Bellafiore, the founder of SMB Capital said it best.

“We’re looking for one good trade” That’s it. We make one good trade, then another good trade, then another. We’re not looking to get rich overnight. We’re just looking for consistency.

Focus on one good trade. You put enough of them together and you’ll find your one of the best traders on earth.

Jason Stapleton


Professional trader, co-founder of TradeEmpowered.com
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