Use a visual reminder?

Now I know, this isn’t what you see in movies. Traders don’t have those ‘reminders’ at their desks, and they still make tons of money. However, if you really want to change your bad trading habits, you got to be willing to experiment with this.

I used paper reminders with multiple things I wanted to implement in my trading, such as printing my trades, avoiding bad trades, and journaling.

The best part is, after a few days/weeks of having a reminder at your trading desk, the act of asking yourself the question before entering a trade will become a habit. That’s where it becomes powerful!

A habit means you don’t even have to think about it and you perform the action automatically.

It’s up to you to implement

I like to keep things simple and I provided you with a simple way to stay out of bad trades.

Place a reminder in front of your computer screen & write the following:

“Before every trade ask yourself this: ‘When I’ll look back at my trade at the end of the week, will I feel proud of myself or disappointed for taking it?’”

If you are resistent to implement this, I suggest you ask yourself why.

Forex trading is a discipline in which must experiment. You must try new things and see how you perform. That doesn’t mean trying new strategies all the time, but it does mean trying ways to move you toward being as consistent as possible.

Etienne Crete
Founder of