Focusing On and Building on Strengths

Like any good performance behaviour repetition of it is the key to making a habit and an integral part of your trading. It is all too easy to drift away from a focus on trading to your strengths and becoming overly focussed on areas of perceived weakness, so here are a few key questions that you can ask yourself on a daily/regular basis to help you to continue to build on your best performances.


‘How will I utilise my strengths and be at my best today?’

Post Trade:

‘What went well with that trade?’

End of Day:

‘What did I do well today that I can build on tomorrow?’

Asking yourself these questions may feel strange to begin with as they are run counter to most of our natural responses which tend to be little evaluation when things have gone well, and delving into more significant analysis and introspection when our performance is not going as well as we would like. Adopting any new behaviour can leave us with that uncomfortable (i.e. unfamiliar) feeling, and our natural response is often to head back to the comfort of our old ways, however persisting with these questions and indeed with the solution focused approach can have a very positive impact on your trading performance and profitability.

What about Sean?

The outcome of the meeting with Sean was that he decided to focus on increasing position sizing around his core strengths and strategies, and focus his efforts and energies on making sure that he was optimising his returns in these event driven more volatile conditions, and that he would still trade the quieter markets but would work on developing different strategies and approaches to do so and would take less risk with these trades enabling him to maintain a feel for the markets, develop his trading abilities and minimise his losses.

Steve Ward
High Performance Global