2. Understand the difference between Demo and real accounts

While this may sound obvious, there are clear differences between the safeguarded world of demo trading and the harsh, often volatile reality of the financial marketplace. Before you complete your transitions between these two seemingly similar and yet diametrically opposed realms, however, you must adapt your mind-set to prepare for the fact that you will soon be investing real money into your portfolio. With this in mind, you will need to ensure that your risk-management measures are in place and that stop-losses are included to protect your investments.

3. Scale your Trades in the real marketplace

On a similar note, it is important to begin your real-time trading career with a conservative outlook. Just as you will have scaled the value of your demo trades, you must also minimise the amount of money that you initially invest in the corporeal market before gradually developing your portfolio. This will help you to manage the transition from demo to fully-fledged account holder, while also enabling you to diversify your interests and achieve a sustainable source of income. This also minimises risk over time, as you only begin to invest more as your knowledge base and experience grows.