Transitioning from a Demo to a Fully-fledged Trading Account

Forex Demo Account

As an aspiring trader, it is crucial that you are able to hone your skills and strategy before entering the financial marketplace for real. After all, a number of volatile market conditions can await you in the real-time trading space, and your ability to cope with these and adapt accordingly will directly influence your success or failure.

How to transition from a demo to a fully-fledged trading account

Of course, eventually the time will come for you to upgrade from a demo to a fully-fledged trading account. This will require a period of transition, so here are the steps you can follow to undertake this successfully.

1. Trade through your Demo Account for at least 3 months

The demo account enables you to learn about practical market trading, and this educational process will help to supplement any theoretical studying that you may have already done. It is therefore important that you take your time before transitioning to a fully-fledged account. It is recommended that you use a demo account for between three and six months, and while there is no limit either way on how long you should use this resource it is better to err on the side of caution. By trading in a simulated environment for a minimum of three months, you should develop the type of practical experience that can underpin successful trades.