The Impact of Brexit on UK Growth

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1 Jun 2016

For 43 years, the United Kingdom has sat at the head of the European Union, lending its views to discussions and implementing the organisation's rulings, but all of this could soon come to an end. A referendum looms, its results so close that even opinion polls cannot call the outcome.

Whether we stay or go, its impact is already being felt within the country. With the lead switching day by day, the stock market is swinging like a snake swaying before a charmer. Here, we look at what Brexit really means for the continued economic performance of the country that's set to vote...  

The Potential Fallout

There is no denying that Brexit poses one of the greatest risks to the UK economy in recent history. Whether we stay or go, the outcome of this historic decision will reverberate across the country, and doomsayers are already shouting out a clarion cry of warning.

The exact impact one way or the other is hard to predict, yet every time the 'leave' vote surges, the stock mark and pound sink. The reaction to such leanings is not necessarily the reality that will settle should the country exit the EU, yet it certainly provides some food for thought.