How Psychological Trauma Affects You Though Financial Losses

What happens when you lose all the money?

The severity of psychological implications depends largely on you as an individual and the person you’ve invested for. All of the above are going to have an impact of psychological trauma.

Investors will hopefully be aware of the possible implications of the risk involved, but some are not prepared to cope with the internal conflict of negative emotions when they lose all they have invested. It can be catastrophic, and you will likely go into the flight or fight response. You could immediately feel emotions of fear, anger and anxiety. If these become established they can lead to a state of depression, which if unresolved will lead to thoughts of helplessness and hopelessness and possible suicidal thoughts. Men in particular have difficulty vocalising these feelings and often suffer in silence.

Unresolved negative emotions cause internal conflict. There’s no use suppressing them as that will only stimulate the negativity further. When an individual is in this mindset they struggle to be productive, are unable to make positive decisions or find a solution.

The Solution to Psychological Trauma Through Financial Loss

The best way to help you cope with this type of trauma is to seek help in removing the negative emotions around the trauma. This in turn will give you control over your thoughts and emotions and stimulate you into thinking positively about how to overcome the problem.

It is imperative to stop or slow down the flow of the neurotransmitter dopamine from post traumatic stress or the high intensity of emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear. The way to do this is to remove the emotions from the trauma. You can’t do this by yourself, you need someone who is qualified and is experienced in working with individuals who have a high intensity of negative emotions.

Everyone is different but, working with clients who have lost everything because of psychological trauma through significant financial loss, I have had great results using Spectrum Therapy.

What is Spectrum Therapy

Spectrum coaching is a new intervention devised specifically for men. Unlike other therapies where you have to talk for several hours, Spectrum just gets straight to the root cause and removes the negative emotions. Negative emotions stop you from thinking clearly and interfere with your senses. SEC is not an intrusive therapy, it’s a new approach to help clients who are experiencing emotional trauma from financial loss or are suffering from emotional problems such as anxiety or depression, or stress related to trauma. Over a period of sessions, I develop a collaborative, safe and accepting relationship with individuals: we work together to enhance emotionally based coping mechanism by ascertaining their learning influences and making them aware of accepting and understanding their emotional experiences.

SEC differs from other recommended intervention models such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) (e.g. NICE Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 2005) in that CBT tends to focus on thoughts and behaviours concerning a particular event. After successfully removing negative emotions from a specific event this increases activity in the prefrontal cortex, a sign of greater self-control and freedom.

Maria Spain
Spectrum Performance Solutions