The Four Self-Limiting Beliefs that Sabotage Your Trading Performances

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You see it all the time – traders who intellectually have great knowledge and understanding of trading, but who fall apart when they try to apply their knowledge while trading live and risking capital.  Intellectually, in the classroom, they are the best students.  They can talk the game of trading. Then when put under the pressure to perform live in an uncertain environment, they come unraveled and cannot walk the walk of a consistently profitable trader.  All that knowledge, in the heat of the moment, becomes unavailable to them – just when they need it most.  Why? 

But a better question might be:  What is being revealed by a trader’s performance under pressure that needs to be mastered to become the trader who can use his/her knowledge of trading in the midst of uncertainty?

You Do Not Have Beliefs – They Have You

Beliefs that served you well before trading can easily become roadblocks to success in trading.  The evolutionary path of being a consistently profitable trader is littered by the debris of traders who relied on beliefs that drove prior success but that did not work in the environment of trading.  The need to be in control or the need to be right is often associated with effective strategies for success that people experienced in careers before trading.